Billing accounts will track all of your usage & billing. You can use a billing account for many Projects. You can also give other users access to the billing account for management.

Billing accounts


When you are on the overview page for a billing account, you'll be able to see your estimated monthly spend, as well as the default payment method attached to the account.

From here you can click "Manage payment methods" to add/remove or set another payment method as the default for this billing account.

You can also click "View invoices" to view all the invoices for this billing account as well as view any outstanding invoices and pay them.

Billing account overview

Create a billing account

To create a billing account, click on the sidebar menu item "Billing" and click "Create a billing account".

Create a billing account

Type in your billing account name, and click "Create billing account". Your billing account will be created. Note that you will not be able to deploy resources until you have added a payment method.

Add payment method

Click into your preferred billing account and select "Payment methods". Click "Add a payment method".

Add a payment method

Enter your card details and they will be saved securely on file and will be charged for any usage at the end of the billing period.


Clicking "Invoices" in the billing account sidebar, you'll see a list of all the invoices associated with the billing account.

Each invoice is categorised into one of the following categories:

  • Action required this is usually because we attempted to charge the default payment method on this billing account and failed
  • Upcoming payments these will finalise at the end of the month
  • Payment history previous month's invoices that were successful

Billing account invoices

Paying an outstanding invoice

Any invoices we have failed to automatically charge for will be payable from the invoice list. Clicking the icon in the "Actions" column of the invoice list will show a menu

Billing account invoice make payment

You will then be able to make the payment by entering your card details and clicking "Pay".

Billing account invoice make payment card details


Clicking "Settings" in the billing account sidebar, you'll be able to manage permissions, rename the billing account or request billing account deletion.

Billing account settings