Before you can deploy infrastructure in Cudo Compute, you will need to create a project. A project is a container for your infrastructure like virtual machines and more. You can give other users access to your project for management. You can create a new project at any time by clicking the quick button "Create a project" at the top of the project list page.



When you are on the overview page for a project, you'll be able to see your deployed resources, project information, attached billing account and monthly estimated costs.

From here you can click "View virtual machines" to see all the virtual machines deployed in this project, as well as deploy new ones and terminate others.

You can click "View billing account" to go to the project's billing account.

You can click "View project costs" to view the costs associated with the project.

You can also use the quick buttons at the top of the page to "Browse the marketplace" or "Create a virtual machine".

Project overview

Finding your project ID

You can find your project ID (useful for deploying infrastructure from the cli tool), on the right hand side of the page under "Project information".

Finding your project ID

Create a project

Make sure you have created a billing account before trying to creating a project.

Create Project

Click "Create a project".

Create Project

Enter an ID for your new project, select the appropriate billing account, then click "Create project".

Virtual machines

Clicking "Virtual machines" in the project sidebar, you'll be able to see all of the virtual machines deployed in this project. From here you'll be able to Create new virtual machines or manage the virtual machines you've deployed.

For more information on virtual machines see virtual machines.

Project virtual machines


Clicking "Cost" in the project sidebar, you'll see all the costs associated with your project.

Costs are a monthly sum of your project's resource usage. To view the details of each cost, click on the options button on the right of the cost you'd like to view, then click "View cost details".

Project virtual machines


Clicking "Settings" in the project sidebar, you'll be able to manage permissions, update to a different billing account, or delete the project (if you have terminated your deployed infrastructure).

Project settings