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We have the following technical requirements to join our network as a supplier:

  1. For deployment of infrastructure, either:

    1. Automated deployment, provisioning & management options which can scale on demand, ideally via Terraform but standard APIs are OK as well, OR
    2. If no API is supported the ability to commit a minimum of 2 hosts.
  2. A minimum for the bare-metal servers to act as hypervisor hosts of the following minimum specifications:

    • x86 based, Intel or AMD 8-core processor (or greater) with VT-x or AMD-V enabled
    • 32GB Memory (or greater)
    • 1 x 50GB Hard Disk
    • 2 x 1TB Hard Disk or 2 x 1TB SSD (SSD recommended) or larger
    • 2 x 1Gbps NICs (2 x 10GbE recommended)
    • iDRAC/iLO/IPMI out-of-band management interface (for onboarding)
  3. VLAN (802.1q) capable switching infrastructure.

  4. A minimum block of 16 (/28) publicly routable IPv4 addresses that can be presented directly to the bare-metal hosts (without firewalling).


    The quantity of available IP addresses determines the number of virtual machines that can be provisioned, so the more that are available, the better.

  5. Public pricing and partner discounted pricing OR if you are providing existing capacity into the network, the pricing to make available to the marketplace.

  6. A minimum of 3 bare metal servers of the same (or very similar) specification.


    In order to start onboarding your servers as a supplier on our network, we would require the following information

    - Public IP address range and VLAN ID that the public IPs reside on. This VLAN should be presented as tagged (trunk ports) to the network interfaces hosts.
    - Internal IP address range and VLAN ID that the hosts reside on. This VLAN should be presented as a native VLAN to the network interfaces hosts. A DHCP server should also be running on this VLAN for provisioning.
    - Access details for the IPMI/OOB on the hosts (IP address, username and password for each).